Friday, 21 May 2010


During last week’s lesson we practiced front break falls and I messed up slightly by falling on my left elbow which resulted in my left shoulder taking the full force of the fall. The morning after I could hardly lift my left arm above head height so I had obviously injured it in some way. Unfortunately as I was looking after my two nieces over the weekend who at age 6 and 2 like to use me as some sort of climbing frame I was not able to rest the shoulder and probably made it worse. The upshot of all this was that I had to miss training this week which is very frustrating.
I went to the club anyway last night to pay my term fees and had a quick chat with everyone there to let them know that I was injured. It was a good turnout last night so it frustrated me even more that I wasn’t able to train and a sleepless night followed.

Hopefully another week of rest will be enough so that I can return to normal next week otherwise I will be like a bear with a sore head.

What made not training yesterday even more frustrating was the fact that I had bought myself a new Gi. It’s a Blitz Olympian Double weave and my god is it heavy and big. I’m not quite sure that I’ve made a good choice with this yet but chatting to various Judo people on martial arts forums like Bullshido and the Judo Forum website they all say you need a good double weave for competition so maybe I will just wear it in in training and then save it for competitions. I will of course still need a new everyday single weave Gi for training so I will do some more investigations before I part with my hard earned cash.